13 2010

Lost in Translation: Minister of State 不是国务大臣

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这篇文章犯了和这里同样的错误,Jeremy Brown 的职位是 Minister of State at Foreign and Commonwealth Office,即英国外交部的次长,目前一共五名。

英国政府中能成为“大臣”的,是 Secrectary of State。目前英国外交大臣是黑格(William Hague)。

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13 2009

Daily Quote: William Hague on Peter Mandelson

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保守党影子内阁成员 William Hague 是有名的言辞犀利的政客,这个星期他在下议院辩论厅嘲笑布朗内阁改组之后的有着超长头衔的 Peter Mandelson:

And Lord Mandelson, denied the opportunity of becoming Foreign Secrectary, by the sad combination of a Prime Minister too weak to remove his Foreign Secrectary, being equally matched by Foregin Secrectary too weak to challenge the Prime Minister, has gone around instead collecting titles and even whole government department under his name. Now adding that the Right Honourable the Baron Mandelson of Foy in the County of Herefordshire and Hartpool in the County of Durham, First Secrectary of State, and Lord President of Privy Council, and Secrectary of State for Business, and Secrectary of State for Innovation and Skills. It would be no surprise to wake up in the morning and find him become an Archbishop.

这段话听录自BBC Radio 4 的 Week in Westminster 节目,不过如果一定要找文字记录的话,可以到议会网站找议会出版物 Hansard。

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08 2008

Daily Quote: pub footballer

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Simon Hattenstone on Iván Campo:

The spaniard does not just look like a pub footballer, he looks like a pub footballer who has sunk 14 pints with William Hague on a Friday night, gone down the rankest curry house for chicken vindaloo and chips, missed the last bus home, slept on a park bench, not washed and turned up at the Reebok, 2.55pm on the Saturday, to play for Bolton Wanderers.

Somehow I can’t find this article the Guardian website (was published on 30 April 2008).

pub footballer: 相对于 professional footballer,有“乌合之众”之意。

14 pints with William Hague: 前保守党党魁 William Hague 有一次为显示自己并非脱离劳动大众,称自己年轻时打工运送啤酒到酒吧,按规矩每次酒吧都会请搬运工喝一杯(pint)啤酒,并称他最多一天可以送14个酒吧。于是并传成“年轻时每天喝14杯啤酒”(14 pint Hague)。

rank: adj. Strong and offensive in odor or flavor.

chicken vindaloo and chips: 去印度餐馆吃 chips 是改造的吃法。

Reebok: Bolton Wanderers 的主场。

2.55pm on the Saturday: 英超足球比赛的正常开赛时间是周六下午3点。

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