26 2011

Spin doctor

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刚来英国的时候,在政治新闻中看到 spin doctor ,不明所以。只知道用 spine doctor 形容“脊医”的,不知道还有 spin doctor。后来常看到 spin 在政治新闻中单独使用,终于猜出这和新闻公关、控制新闻、影响舆论有关,比如当时布莱尔的新闻官 Alastair Campbell,就老被记者叫做 spin doctor,即使不能说是贬义,但至少不带敬意。但还是不知道为什么会这么叫。

上个星期天听 BBC Radio 4 的 15 By 15 节目,说的正是 spin。原来 spin doctor 还是源自美国。Spin 是来自棒球术语,投手可以通过投出旋转球(spin)来迷惑击球手。其实在板球(cricket)中,spin 也相当普遍,投球手根据专长,会分作“块球手”(fast bowler)和“转球手”(spin bowler)。移植到政治上,就是指新闻、政策出台前,先要经过一份包装变换,用以引导听众。Spin doctor 出现在政治新闻中,是在1980年代里根时期开始的,当时里根的新闻班子,就被记者们叫做 spin doctors。Spin 加上 doctor,更带有一点幕后操纵的感觉。

在英国 spin doctor 叫法的盛行则从布莱尔时期开始,最著名的 spin doctor 就是 Alastair Campbell了。在电影 The Queen 中,他就是那个在戴安娜刚刚身亡,就在为布莱尔准备讲话稿,在稿纸上写下了“people’s princess”的那个。当电影中的布莱尔对他的这种行为略表反感时,他还反唇相讥道:“难道你宁愿我什么都不做?”不过根据布莱尔自传,这个 people’s princesss 的说法是他自己想出来的。

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18 2011

Daily Quote: A meeting of equals

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2011-05-18 Irish Examiner

英国女王访问爱尔兰,是英国国家元首100年来第一次访问爱尔兰,上次在1911年,爱尔兰还是大英帝国的属地,这次则是“两位国家元首的平等会晤”。爱尔兰报纸 Irish Examiner 的头版社评,就是以这一时刻为焦点:


AT precisely 12.47 yesterday afternoon, the course of Anglo-Irish relations changed forever when Queen Elizabeth II signed the visitor’s book at Áras an Uachtaráin. It was a deeply psychological and symbolic moment, an acknowledgment by the British head of state that she was in Ireland as a visitor, a guest of the Irish head of state, President Mary McAleese. It was a meeting of equals, a coming together of the representatives of two neighbouring nations in mutual respect, a moment of which the peopel of Ireland can rightly be pround.

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28 2007

Daily Quote: kissed hands?

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Wednesday, 27th June 2007

BUCKINGHAM PALACE: Mr. Justice Griffith Williams was received by The Queen this morning upon his appointment as a Justice of the High Court when Her Majesty conferred upon him the honour of Knighthood and invested him with the Insignia of a Knight Bachelor.

Mr. Richard Stagg was received in audience by The Queen upon his appointment as British High Commissioner to the Republic of India.

Mrs. Stagg was also received by Her Majesty.

The Rt. Hon Tony Blair MP had an audience of The Queen this afternoon and tendered his resignation as Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury which Her Majesty was graciously pleased to accept.

Mrs. Blair was also received by The Queen.

Her Majesty received in audience the Rt. Hon Gordon Brown MP and requested him to form a new Administration. The Rt. Hon Gordon Brown MP accepted The Queen’s offer and kissed hands upon his appointment as Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury.

Mrs. Brown was also received by Her Majesty.

看过 The Queen (2006) 都知道皇室礼仪(protocol)的重要性,还有一个谜团,到底有没有 kissed hands 呢?

Rt. Hon: Right honourable
MP: Member of Paliarment

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