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11月 06 2008

英语阅读 Journey of generations that passed in a moment

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《卫报》驻美国专栏作家 Gary Younge 在奥巴马获胜时回顾美国黑人的艰辛历史。

Journey of generations that passed in a moment

* Gary Younge in Chicago
*, Thursday November 6 2008 00.01 GMT

There are times when the usually glacial pace of social progress accelerates to such a degree that you feel you are experiencing it in real time. Stand in the present and history comes rushing towards you, making you feel lightheaded.

The second that Ohio fell to Barack Obama on Tuesday evening, effectively handing him the keys to the White House, was one of those dizzying moments. A man born three years before African-Americans had secured their right to vote had risen by popular acclaim to the highest office in the land before he reached 50.

A political journey that should take generations felt as though it had occurred in a moment.

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