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11月 02 2008

Daily quote: Mona Lisa and Liverpool

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Terrence Davies's Of Time and the City

星期五BBC Radio 5 Live 下午的 Simon Mayo 节目上,影评人 Mark Kermode 在评论英国导演 Terrence Davies 以他的故乡 Liverpool 为主题的新片 Of Time and the City。在播了一段电影录音之后,两人的一段对话:

Mark Kermode: Can’t you just listen to that voice just for the whole of rest of the day?

Simon Mayo: Not really. No.

Mark Kermode: Really? Oh. Here we go then.

Simon Mayo: Is the film better than that?

Mark Kermode: Well…That’s rather like someone looking at Mona Lisa goes “Is that all?”


Terrence Davies’s Of Time and the City

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