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6月 18 2010

Foxes and immigrants

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Simon Hoggart’s Week 是《卫报》的“议会写生员”(parliament sketch writer)--专职报道议会发生的新闻和趣闻--的周六专栏,一般是几则传闻花絮和小故事小笑话等,看起来十分轻松。


Have you noticed how the coverage of urban foxes – including the ones who are thought to have horribly wounded two little girls in London – resembles what’s so often written about immigrants? They come over here, into our cities, they steal our food, they swagger down the street like hoodies, they know no fear, they ignore our way of life and the authorities seem powerless and unwilling to stop them. Do you think they might be a sort of stand-in?

另外一则是前一周上的小笑话,有关正在竞选工党领袖的 Miliband 兄弟的:

Now that David Miliband is standing for Labour leader, and we learn that his brother Ed might stand against him, it’s time to reprise the great line from Linda McDougall, the wife of Austin Mitchell MP, and a family friend of Ralph Miliband. “I’m afraid I can’t take either of the Miliband brothers seriously. I changed both their nappies.”

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