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5月 15 2009

Daily Quote: used car salesman

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今天《卫报》上 Simon Hoggart 形容英国下议院议员开支管理处(fee office)为“伦敦东区的二手车推销员”。在议员津贴丑闻中,许多议员的形形色色的报销要求都被批准了,让人怀疑这个管理处是怎么工作的。

The fees office, which approved so many of these bizarre claims, seems to have been run on the lines of an East End used car dealership. “If you got cash, I can knock the VAT off, mate … Now this is a lovely motor. Don’t worry about the blood on the back seat, we can clean that up for you.”

Simon Hoggart: Expenses continue to haunt MPs.

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