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1月 15 2008

thrown to the wolves

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The Guardian 记者 Mark Brown 在报道英格兰艺术理事局 (Arts Council of England)的CEO Peter Hewitt 面对英国演员工会质询时,用了 thrown to the wolves 这个很形象的短语:

Peter Hewitt, the council’s outgoing chief executive, was in many ways thrown to the wolves as he appeared on stage while actors listened in the audience. The wolves in this case had outstanding projection, timbre and timing.

Actors boo Arts Council over swingeing cuts

这个短语的使用还是很频繁的。我记得在 BBC 的剧集 Spooks 第4季最后一集,Harry曾威胁反叛的前特工,如果她不听从安排,“we throw you to the wolves”。

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