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10月 16 2007

Daily Quote: wield the dagger

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昨天自由民主党(Liberal Demorates Party)的两个高层(副领导人和主席)一起在党总部门口宣布领导人 Menzies Campbell 已经辞职的消息,当事人却不见踪影。虽然事先已经告知,不会回答记者任何问题,但是在简短的公告刚刚结束,人群中立刻有人高声喊道:

Did you wield the dagger?


《卫报》(The Guardian)上的 Simon Hoggart 为我们作了生动的描述

…Mr Cable, the deputy leader, came next. It was he who had announced yesterday that there was a “debate” about Ming’s future.

This is the political equivalent of the knife between the shoulder blades. Or even the machete into the skull. There must have been a bubble of rage in Sir Menzies’s throat when he heard that. “Et tu, Vince,” however, lacks a certain resonance.

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