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10月 21 2008

英语阅读 The art of avoiding writer’s block

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Harriet Swain 的 How to be a student 系列介绍了几个克服”没有东西可写”困境的招数。阅读这篇文章,不仅可以学习英语,还可以学到些有用的学习方法。

How to be a student: The art of avoiding writer’s block
Harriet Swain
The Guardian,
Tuesday October 21 2008

Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between writer’s block and feeling you can’t be bothered. If it happens every time you face a blank page or screen, and involves screwed up pieces of paper or frenzied use of the delete key, not to mention hours of pacing and chewed fingernails, it’s writer’s block. If it happens only when there’s a good gig on at the students’ union, it’s not. If there always seems to be a good gig on at the union whenever you face a blank page, it’s probably somewhere between the two.

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