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10月 15 2008

Carbon credit

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昨天在看这篇文章时,一直在想文章中这个 carbon credit 该如何翻译,“碳信用”?虽然credit 是“信用”,但这里其实指一种货币的替代值,说成 credit,是为了方便交易;“碳权”?哪里来的“权”?“碳排放额度”?有点接近,但是不仅比较长,而且有点负面和曲解。直到我看到这篇文章中用的“碳汇”,终于发现这是最贴切的翻译,强调碳排放的可交易性,而且再延伸到 carbon trading,可以翻译为“碳汇交易”,carbon market,可以翻译为“碳汇市场”,都比较顺。不知道谁是第一个使用这个翻译的,但我觉得以后应该推广“碳汇”。

The Guardian: Global fund ‘could pay owners to keep rainforets safe’

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10月 15 2008

英语阅读 The White Tiger

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今天的每日英语是刚刚获得布克奖的印度作家阿迪加的小说《白虎》(The White Tiger)节选。

Extract from The White Tiger

Aravind Adiga

Now, I no longer watch Hindi films – on principle – but back in the days when I used to, just before the movie got started, either the number 786 would flash against the black screen – the Muslims think this is a magic number that represents their god – or else you would see the picture of a woman in a white sari with gold sovereigns dripping down to her feet, which is the goddess Lakhshmi, of the Hindus.

It is an ancient and veneratedcustom of people in my country to start a story by praying to a Higher Power. I guess, Your Excellency, that I too should start off by kissing some god’s arse.

Which god’s arse, though? There are so many choices.

See the Muslims have one god. The Christians have three gods. And we Hindus have 36,000,000 gods.

Making a grand total of 36,000,004 divine arses for me to choose from.

Now there are some, and I don’t just mean Communists like you, but thinking men of all political parties, who think that not many of these gods actually exist.

Some believe that none of them exist. There’s just us and an ocean of darkness around us. I’m no philosopher or poet, how would I know the truth? It’s true that all these gods seem to do awfully little work – much like our politicians – and yet keep winning re-election to their golden thrones in heaven, year after year.

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