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11月 05 2009

Daily Quote: an intellectual poseur

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法国思想家 Claude Lévi-Strauss 去世,《泰晤士报》今天的一篇社论感叹法国人对知识份子的崇拜,其中说道另一个法国知识份子 Bernard Henri-Lévy:

Bernard Henri-Lévy fills as many gossip columns as Catherine Deneuve — even if he is an intellectual poseur who is known as much for the hairy chest that peeps from his white shirt as for his views on existentialism.

An intellectual poseur ? “一个伪知识份子”?

这篇文章还说,intellectual 在英国几乎是个骂人话,英国人反而爱用 too clever by half 这样的讽刺话。

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