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2月 22 2009

In the firing line

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《泰晤士报》负责读者反馈的编辑 Sally Baker 在星期六的专栏中有这么一段:

Allowed a front-page headline “Bankers in the firing line” when, as Robert Colbeck, among others, pointed out: “If you are in the firing line you are the one doing the shooting. If you are being shot at (presumably the image the headline-writer was striving for) you are either under fire or in the line of fire.”

原来我也一直以为 in the firing line 是指“面对炮火”,遭到攻击的意思。经以上这位读者解释,in the firing line 其实是指处于“射击线”上向目标开火。一个是被打,一个个打别人,意义大相径庭。

但是把这个意思搞错的不只《泰晤士报》一家,几个例子: Britain’s Bonuses in the Firing Line 说的是银行奖金遭攻击

Daily Mail: Defenc funding in the firing line 说得是国防开支缩减

但在 BBC网站上的新闻标题是用对了这个词组:

BBC: Child soldiers in the firing line 说得是非洲的未成年士兵参战

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