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8月 16 2012

Buzzword: medalled and podiumed

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medal 和 podium 这两个名词被当作动词用,确实听上去比较有动感,也很简洁有力,难怪很多人都爱用。使用时无一例外都用过去时。

MacMillan Dictionary 网站博客上 Liz Potter 对此有所分析

《卫报》:The Olympics have been the most inclusive event in Britain in my lifetime

But few athletes were described as having medalled, and none of having podiumed.

《独立报》:In-form Woods ready to put on armour for War on the Shore II

Donald will be hoping he has podiumed, as the Olympic saying goes, in one of golf’s four majors before he chases gold in Rio.

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