18 2011

Daily Quote: A meeting of equals

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2011-05-18 Irish Examiner

英国女王访问爱尔兰,是英国国家元首100年来第一次访问爱尔兰,上次在1911年,爱尔兰还是大英帝国的属地,这次则是“两位国家元首的平等会晤”。爱尔兰报纸 Irish Examiner 的头版社评,就是以这一时刻为焦点:


AT precisely 12.47 yesterday afternoon, the course of Anglo-Irish relations changed forever when Queen Elizabeth II signed the visitor’s book at Áras an Uachtaráin. It was a deeply psychological and symbolic moment, an acknowledgment by the British head of state that she was in Ireland as a visitor, a guest of the Irish head of state, President Mary McAleese. It was a meeting of equals, a coming together of the representatives of two neighbouring nations in mutual respect, a moment of which the peopel of Ireland can rightly be pround.

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  1. 女王访问爱尔兰 – 桃花坞on 18 五 2011 at 22:58

    […] 在这次访问中,女王作为亲善大使的作用,是其他人无法替代的。她代表着英国皇室,从她身上可以回溯英国对爱尔兰统治。所以她的一举一动,其象征意义非常强烈,连一些欧洲报纸都把女王访问爱尔兰的照片放在了头版。许多媒体把女王向爱尔兰独立战争阵亡将士纪念碑献花圈作为象征性时刻--那些人是在与英军作战中阵亡的。而爱尔兰的 Irish Examiner 选择了女王在爱尔兰总统宫贵宾留言簿上签字的瞬间--因为她已是“客”,而不再是爱尔兰的元首。 […]

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