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十一 27 2009

Daily Quote: legal but not legitimate?

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伊拉克战争听证会上,被召作证的前英国驻联合国大使 Jeremy Greenstock 在被问道2003年美英发动伊拉克战争是否合法时,似乎是在说这场战争 legal but not legitimate。他的原话是这样的:

I regard our participation in the military action in Iraq in March 2003 as legal but of questionable legitimacy in that it did not have the democratically observable backing of the great majority of [UN] member states, or even perhaps of the majority of people inside the UK.

这可是文字游戏玩到家了,legal 和 legitimate 都是“合法”,在这个语境下,legal 是指理论上合法(当然在国际关系上,这个“合法”也是个模糊的概念),legitimate 是指具有法律依据。

其实中文里面的“义”更接近这句话中的 legitimate,也许可以说,他认为伊拉克战争是“合法但无义”之战。

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