14 2009

Daily quote: newspaper business model

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Times 的餐馆评论员 Giles Coren 在他最近的文章中,对 Guardian 做了一番调侃,反映了部份人对这份报纸的偏见。他在解释为什么 Guardian 上的餐馆评论不如他自己的好

Both critics are good friends of mine and both have undeniably tremendous appetites, but both are rather hamstrung, I guess you could say, by working for a newspaper group whose business model turns on the certainty that schoolteachers, social workers and angry jobless graduates will always need a newspaper, so it might as well be theirs. Thus any restaurant (or indeed anything) that reeks of frivolity, extravagance, bourgeois aspiration or pretentiousness must be flattened with the cold hammer of Socialist Realism.

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