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11月 04 2008

英语阅读 Why woodpecker is a perfect hammer

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Marc Abrahams 是双月刊《不可思议的研究》(Annals of Improbable Research)主编和 “搞笑诺贝尔奖”Ig Nobel Prize组织者。他为《卫报》写的专栏就叫”不可思议的研究”(Improbable Research)。今天的专栏介绍了三位英国巴斯大学的研究者对啄木鸟身体结构的研究。

How Woody the living hammer hit the spot
Improbable research into how to make a better, lighter hammer involved two mechanical engineering students carrying out a post-mortem on a dead woodpecker

* Marc Abrahams
* The Guardian,
* Tuesday November 4 2008

While others tried to build a better computer or teapot or mousetrap, Julian FV Vincent, Mehmet Necip Sahinkaya and W O’Shea of the department of mechanical engineering at the University of Bath tried to build a better hammer. Unlike most previous hammer smiths, they studied woodpeckers. Why? Because to mechanical engineers, when they are in a certain frame of mind, a woodpecker is nature’s finest version of a hammer.

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11月 04 2008

英语阅读 Harry Shearer after the election

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今天《卫报》邀请了几位美国作家以”大选之后的早晨”为主题写一篇短篇小说。这里是最短的一篇,也是想像最狂野的一篇,作者是 Harry Shearer, 小说 Not Enough Indians 的作者,还是电视剧Simpsons 中 Mr Burns 等角色的配音。有兴趣的可以阅读和翻译所有五篇小说

Harry Shearer

November 5, 2008, was the best of times and the worst of times for Senator John McCain. Eking out a surprise electoral-college victory in the presidential election he was favoured to lose, McCain was taking a victory lap around his Sedona, Arizona, compound when, complaining of chest pains, he texted his wife Cindy. What turned out to be his final message was: “Sell Budweiser stock.”

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11月 02 2008

Daily quote: Mona Lisa and Liverpool

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Terrence Davies's Of Time and the City

星期五BBC Radio 5 Live 下午的 Simon Mayo 节目上,影评人 Mark Kermode 在评论英国导演 Terrence Davies 以他的故乡 Liverpool 为主题的新片 Of Time and the City。在播了一段电影录音之后,两人的一段对话:

Mark Kermode: Can’t you just listen to that voice just for the whole of rest of the day?

Simon Mayo: Not really. No.

Mark Kermode: Really? Oh. Here we go then.

Simon Mayo: Is the film better than that?

Mark Kermode: Well…That’s rather like someone looking at Mona Lisa goes “Is that all?”


Terrence Davies’s Of Time and the City

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