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9月 14 2008

Daily Quote: different way to praise

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F1意大利站,21岁的德国车手 Sebastian Vettel 驾着 Toro Roso 夺得第一名,成为获得F1分站冠军最年轻的车手。比赛将尽时,ITV 的解说,前F1车手 Martin Blundell 忽然冒出这么一段(凭我记忆的大意):

This kid really has to change his attitude towards the media. He talks to the media. He always smiles. He shakes hands with journalists. He shakes hands with camera men. He says thank you after an interview. He’s giving formula one drivers a bad name!

引得他的解说搭档 James Allen 一顿爆笑。

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