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2月 17 2008


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这几个月来,dither 这个词成了保守党最爱挂在嘴边的词了。用 dither 来形容现任财相 Alistair Darling,当然是为了对应工党首相布朗的“精明强干”的形象。就象布朗十年前爱用 prudent,现在保守党希望反复使用 dither ,最后可以深入人心。

今天 Alistair Darling 终于宣布将对 Northern Rock 进行国有化了,保守党影子财相 George Osborne 在回应中更是一口一个 dither

After months of dither and delay we have ended up with this catastrophic decision.

连一直宣扬 Northern Rock 国有化的自由民主党财政发言人 Vince Cable 也开始说 dither 了

The Government has dithered. It has wasted time and money.

n. A state of indecisive agitation.
v. To be nervously irresolution in acting or doing.

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